Session 37
Saturday April 25, 6:00pm – 7:50pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

Fate Scores                                         12min

'Fate Scores' explores themes of isolation, connection, and
chance. Two strangers--a guitarist and an introspective
young woman--cross paths at an empty concrete bench and,
with the help of eight additional strangers, discover that they
have something special in common.

Cast: Albert M. Chan, Heidi Rhodes, Angela Gunn, Ben Katz,
Brian D. Evans, Jonathan Vittum, Kandace Cummings,
Katarina Morhacova, Mary Niederkorn, Roxanne Y. Morse
Writer: Albert M. Chan
Director: Albert M. Chan, Alecia Batson (Assistant Director),
Richard Possemato (Assistant Director)
Producer: Albert M. Chan, Aaron Howland (Associate
Producer), Seth Howland (Associate Producer)
DP: Aaron Howland

Compact Only                                         13min

Al's favorite Hawaiian food restaurant has stopped delivery in
his area. With only one street separating him from his
Chicken Katsu passion, Al has to think outside the box. He
has the food delivered to his car in a trendy supermarket
parking lot. But this will be no ordinarily meal, as Al
experiences a world that makes the drama of an African
watering hole look tame.

Cast: John Polous, Aaron Taft, Ace Gibson, Alex Dale, Andy
Scott Harris, Armon Ashnani, Brandon Santos, Cameron
Ashnani, Cassandra Robinson, Cheryl Texiera, Christopher
Murdock, Clinton Emmanuel, Doug Kraft, Dwight Watland,
Dylan Sprayberry, Dylan Diehl, Ellery Sprayberry, Evan
Michael Hoopes, Gabriel Aslan, Genevieve Williams, Graeme
Finlayson, Jessica Teplow, Jessica Leigh Gonzales, John
Hang, John Nelson, Karli Watland, Katie Mahlberg, Larissa
Vega, Leslie Berger, Manny Jimenez Jr. Mark Kozirovsky,
Mary Mahlberg, Michael William Arnold, Mike Izzo, Paris
Anderson, Rajiv Shah, Renee DeBevoise, Ryan
Preimesberger, Sandra Gimpel, Zachary Montana, Zachary
Quinn Neiman-Macak, Bryan Gawron (Voice-Over), Machi
Abe (Voice-Over), Macki King (Voice-Over), Masami Kosaka
Writer: Pamela Green
Director: Pamela Green, Graeme Finlayson (Assistant
Director), Adam Henry (2nd Assistant Director)
Producer: Pamela Green, Greg McClatchy
DP: Gonzalo Amat


40 years of Silence an Indonesian tragedy    87min

“40 Years of Silence: An Indonesian Tragedy” is a moving
feature length documentary film about one of the most
horrific chapters in Indonesia’s history.
In one of the largest unknown mass killings of the 20th
century, an estimated 500,000 to 1,000,000 people were
secretly and systematically killed in 1965-1966, when
General Suharto began a bloody purge of suspected
communists throughout Indonesia.
Under his authoritarian rule, any discussion, recognition or
memorializing of the mass killings that differed from the
Suharto’s official state narrative was quickly suppressed.

“40 Years of Silence: An Indonesian Tragedy” follows the
compelling testimonies of four individuals and their families
from Central Java and Bali, two regions heavily affected by
the purge.
As they break their silence publicly for the first time, each
family provides an intimate and frightening look at what it was
like for survivors of the mass killings.

In chilling detail, they describe the events of 1965 through
their own experiences; re-living and reflecting upon the
stigmatization and brutalization that they continue to endure
on both the village and state levels. Over time, the survivors
and their families attempt to find ways to deal with a tragedy
that was not openly recognized by their neighbors,
government or the world.

Through their stories, the audience will come to understand
modern-day Indonesia’s potential for retribution,
rehabilitation and reconciliation within this troubled historical
context. The characters’ narratives illustrate that such
violence creates tears in the social and political fabric of
society, which can take generations to heal.

Director & Producer: Robert Lemelson
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