Session 16
Monday April 20, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
"Act As If"                                                18min

One woman’s secret to winning at life is to “act as if”,
which transforms her from a feisty blue collar Boston
kid into the championship basketball coach at Harvard
where she masterminds one of the greatest victories of
all time and overcomes cancer using the power of
positive thinking. ACT AS IF is the story of Kathy
Delaney-Smith, a diminutive jester-who-became-queen.

Writer, Director Producer: Melissa Johnson


Pride of Lions                                         84min

PRIDE OF LIONS presents Sierra Leone in a new
light— the story of what it means for a country and its
people who have been brutalized by an 11-year civil
war to move beyond their scars. Through personal
stories of human suffering, loss, and recovery, the
Sierra Leoneans reveal universal truths about the
strength of the human spirit and the power of
forgiveness to move us forward. The amputee, the boy
soldier, the doctor, the high school principal—each
has a unique perspective and a powerful story to tell.
Witnessing their ability to overcome inconceivable
human atrocities and reclaim their legacy is
inspirational for most, but for the two Americans in our
story it has been life changing.

Writer, Director: John Woehrle and Louise Woehrle
Produer: Louise Woehrle
Executive Producer: John Woehrle
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