Session 14
Monday April 20, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Gaining Ground                                20min

Andrej and his family have been living in Germany illegally
for years. When his son reaches school age, he can´t hide
any longer. Mischa´s future is at stake.

Cast: Olga Kolb, Radik Golovkov, Andreas Schust, Hedi
Kriegeskotte, Jan Peter Heyne
Writer: Fabian Wiemker
Director: Marc Brummund
Producer: Marc Brummund, Yildiz Oezcan
DP: Bettina Herzner

Live from Bethlehem                        37min

Out of the ashes of the second Intifada, the Ma’an News
Agency came into existence as the only independent news
network in the Palestinian Territories. Live from Bethlehem is
a feature documentary that tells the story of how journalists
from the Ma’an Network have declared independence from
hate-filled propaganda and are revolutionizing media in the
Palestinian Territories.

Director; Producer: Joe Sousa
Producer: Matt Sienkiewicz


The Road to Fondwa                         40min

Up against centuries of oppression, an unforgiving
mountainous environment, decimated natural resources, and
a centralized state government that offers little or no
development assistance to rural communities, the people of
Fondwa have taken matters into their own hands. Leaders
and dreamers and dedicated workers. Children, mothers,
priests, and students. Haitians, Cubans, Americans and
French - all pitching in for a better tomorrow. With
unprecedented access to the entire Fondwa community, The
Road to Fondwa weaves the seasoned voices and stunning
imagery of Fondwa into a tangible story that challenges the
status quo of international development and seeks to inspire
a new paradigm of international cooperation - one founded
on true partnership and understanding.

Director: Charles Schnorr
Director, Producer: Justin Brandon
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