Session 8
Sunday April 18, 11:00am – 12:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
First Dream                                                 3min

If you never had a dream before what would your first
dream be like?

A short Film by Marc Kess

In the Blackout                                         5min

The real 'Fantasia'! Love is complicated, especially
when two inanimate objects, lost in an underground car
park, find each other. This film tells the unlikely love
story between a Victorian Dress and a Mechanic
Overall. The audience witnesses the exploration of the
class divides through the first step into a new

Cast: Maria Eleftheriou
Writer, Director, Producer and Executive Producer: Ian
Director: Fernand Reginato
Co-Producer: Paul Carter


Girl in a Wedding Dress                         13min

Enter a surrealist's nightmare, in which we follow the
growth of the character 'Girl'. Explore her birth through
to her death in the midst of her forced marriage by her
family and friends to a man she does not know; in an
ever-changing environment she cannot quite get
control of, until it's to late.

Cast: Eden Fae Rice, Bill Cooper, Blakley, Gail Byrd,
Judy DuBose
Writer and Producer: Jacqueline Dowling
Executive Producer: Steven Walker
Assistant Director: Corey Crocker, Steve Walker
Co-Producer: Rodrigo Zozaya


Forever Wild:
Celebrating America’s Wilderness                 

FOREVER WILD celebrates America’s commitment to
wilderness preservation through stories of citizen
volunteers who work tirelessly for years to protect public
wild lands for all to enjoy, forever. Featuring footage of
stunning wild lands in America, richly filmed in high
definition Red Cinema, the film is hosted by Robert
Redford and features acclaimed author Terry Tempest
Williams reading excerpts of her work. The music in the
film is original. In September 1964, President Johnson
signed the Wilderness Act, and for the first time in
human history a society created a law to keep the
wildest lands wild, forever. The Act also gave ordinary
Americans a tool for protecting the mountains, forests,
deserts, prairies, and rivers they loved most. In the 45
years since the passage of the Act, over 110 million
acres of America’s most lovely lands have been
officially designated as Wilderness. The struggle to
pass the Wilderness Act, and the years of grassroots
campaigns putting the Act to use, constitute one of
America’s finest examples of participatory democracy
and stand as a tribute to the power of determined
individuals in a free society. While most Americans
favor protecting more wilderness for future generations,
a great many are unaware of current threats to the last
remnants of our wilderness heritage. FOREVER WILD
renews our understanding of the majesty and ecological
necessity of wild lands. In the decades ahead, the vast
spaces of wilderness will be even more precious for
wildlife and humans in a crowded and changing world.

Hosted by Robert Redford
Writer, Producer and Director: Chelsea Congdon
Co-Writer: Steve Alldredge
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