Session 7
Saturday, April 17, 10:00pm – 11:55pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
The Feast of Stephen                                 4min

Based on a poem by Anthony Hecht. A young man (Stephen)
closely observes a group of teenagers play basketball and is
suddenly chased down and tormented by all four of them. Or
so it seems.

Cast: Louis Anania, Phil Naess, Remy Germinario, Theio
Saluan, Ty Anania
Writer; Author of Adapted Material: James Franco
Director: James Franco
Producer: Vince Jolivette
Production Coordinator: Amelia Host
Production Assistants: Will Takahashi, Sarah Smith, Leif
Steinert, Janelle Garcia


The Best is Yet to Come                         15min

Set during the much debated and highly public Obama
presidential election and controversial Prop 8 vote for same
sex marriage a young couple privately confront their family,
fears and dreams.

Cast: Christine Sung, Kate Jurkiewicz, Paige Barnett, Yan Cui
Writer, Director, Executive Producer: Eunice Wu
Script Supervisor: Domine Lee
Assistant Director: Jaxy Ku
Producer: Nelly Godvich
Production Assistants: Eric Mercado, Hawk Truong, Lisandro
Novillo, Ryan Arenas


No Asians...It’s just not my thing                 16min

The film explores the feelings of both joy and pain associated
with the feeling of love at first sight done through limited
dialog and using acting and music to tell the story. The
subtext of the film is how Asian men are often viewed within
American gay culture as something less-then or inferior to
other races and therefore undesirable. Discrimination within
discriminated communities is just as 'bad' as anywhere else
in society if not worse, something most people would not
expect from those who know what it is like to be despised.
This subtext of the film adds to the strong emotions of the
main theme by adding the extra layer of low self esteem
which in and of itself is a real problem within the gay
community because of being gay. Finally, the film explores
questions without answers so that the audience can think
about these important concepts of love, race and culture.

Cast: Craig Avera, Jonathan Reule, Mira Cristine, Pablo
Perfecto, Vivian Rhee
Writer, Director, Producer: Scott Eriksson

Meth and Murder in P-town -
Isn’t that what poetry is about?                 80min

'Perhaps the way to deal with the adversary is confront him in
ourselves. We have to fight for little bit of health. We have to
make our living and dieing important again. and the living
and dieing of others. Isn't that what poerty is about?' Stanley
Kunitz, US Poet Laureate This is a story of two gay men who
didn't think they were important and a town that is important
to the gay community, Provincetown. The story goes on to
investigate how homophobia and heterosexism influencees
the legal system and justice. Like lemonade it is a tart and
bitter story but also refreshing.

Cast: Tim McCathy (voice)
Director and Producer: Tim McCathy
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