Session 5
Saturday, April 18, 6:00pm – 7:45pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
A Dinner Engagement        20min

All Brianna wanted to do was bring her boyfriend, David
home to meet her family. She never anticipated that he
would be the center of attention for all the wrong reasons.
After leaving the very home she helped care for during
though times, she must return to show him who and where
she’s really from.

In A Dinner Engagement we meet a family riddled with
issues, both common and unique. even this film seems to be
focused on the differences between skin color, it is simply a
smoke screen to show that no family is perfect and every
issue must be faced in its own way even if it’s completely

The heart of the film surrounds the topics of forgiveness,
acceptance and understanding. It’s strange how the
“problem” ended up being the solution to reuniting broken

Cast: Kandace C. Cummings, Brian Evans, Travis Holloway,
Donald Martin & Ryan Bonnick

Writers: Kandace C. Cummings & Mark Childers
Director: Mark Childers
Assistant Director: Ryan Shelby,
Director of Photography: Ken Willinger

Asbury Park                                 21min

A young man, Colin, returns to his hometown of Asbury Park,
New Jersey much like the town itself, at rock bottom. He is
seeking redemption and forgiveness from his mother and
brother, while also trying to reconnect with the town he has
called home for his entire life. Colin’s mother greets his
return happily and ready to forgive, as any mother would.
Colin’s brother Darryl, however, is not as forgiving. As Colin
strives to reach out to Darryl, Darryl himself struggles with
his own demons brought about by Colin’s return.

Cast: Chance Harlem Jr., Evander Duck Jr., Garrett
Hendricks, Robyn Hatcher

Writer, Director and Co-Producer: Robert Andersen
Producer: Alex Mitrushi


Office Rampage                                 32min

A troubled office worker, Robert Smith, has been fired from
his job, at the Duchemin Real Estate Company, where he
returns, seeking vengeance. At the same time, his ex-
supervisor, Toby McNeil, is facing a law suit for sexual
harassment. His trial sets  off a chain of events that
entangles many employees from different social statuses
and  drags them to a destiny that ultimately changes them
all.  The shocking implication of the law suit slowly unravels
Robert's catastrophic fate.

Writer, Director and Producer: Patrick Jerome


Stroll                                                 14min

Mr. Clayton is a retired, reclusive jazz pianist who lives a
lonely life and has lost his inspiration for playing music. His
only real contact with the outside world is Joshua, a young
boy in his apartment building that brings him his groceries.
When Allison, a young, single mother moves in next door
and starts singing jazz standards to her crying infant,
something moves Clayton to start playing again. While first
nervous about the possibility of a new person in his life, he
finds a way to embrace this new type relationship and ends
up with a new sense of enjoyment in his life.

Story and Co-Writer: Brendan McCarthy
Director and Co-Writer: Alexander Schepsman, Erich Sutterlin
Producers: Andrew Corkin, Michael Krepack, Nicole Delaney
Cast: Bill Cobbs, Elijah Cook, Sarah Webster

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