Session 38
Saturday April 24, 8:15pm – 10:00pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Seahorse                5min

A music video to 'Seahorse' by HUFF THIS!
about a girl drawn on a piece of paper, who
peels herself off and enters through a doorway
into a series of magical cardboard worlds. She
travels farther into undiscovered dimensions,
until she finds herself on a small planet in outer
space, very far from where she began. It is a
fantastical journey into the unknown!

Director, Producer: Molly Allis

Plush Gun: A Puppet Noir

In a world full of puppet scandal and deceit, a
detective tracks a series of murders in his city.
After having a drink with his puppet sidekick,
Leslie, the Detective returns to his office to find
Victoria, our puppet femme fatale, asking for
help finding her missing husband. Following her
lead, we find Chick Gandil, a newly deceased
baseball player in Victoria's bed. Then they
decide to ask Hanes, a dice-rolling sock
puppet, for any clues he might have. Suddenly
a woman cries out, leading the Detective and
Leslie to a speakeasy, where they find Victoria
next to Thelonious Monkey, a local jazz pianist,
who is now dead. After this, the Detective
delivers a voiceover explaining the inner
workings of the whole case, accompanied by
images that corroborate his explanation, ending
the film.

Writer, Director, Producer: Noah Wagner


Lilly's Thorn        91min

Quick paced Capra-esque tale where the little
guy, Lilly Nash fights back a hostile takeover by
real estate mogul Hillary Thorn while visited by
her long absent father. Only problem, Dad died
12 years ago

Cast; Bennett Clarkson, David Cooley
Deirdre Schwiesow, Doug Grieneisen
Geraldine Lemay, Jack Hartman.

Writer; Rocky Yost
Director; Will Bain
Producer; Nick Matheson, Dewell Williams
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