Session 36
Saturday April 24, 3:30pm – 5:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Sidewalk Symphony        8min

A modern day take on the silent film, Director
Jonathan Salemi tells the story of a young boy
who makes music with the environment around
him when his Ipod gets taken away.
Experimenting with just sounds effects and the
noises found in every day life, the short film
entertainingly portrays the message of childhood
imagination lost when technology steps in the
way. It's a colorful and light look at the world
around a young boy in suburbia.

Cast: Dylan Sylvester
Writer, Director, Producer: Jonathan Salemi

A Drop in the Bucket        21min

This film is a timely, hopeful and lyrical tale about
people reaching across international boundaries
to help provide clean water in rural Cambodia.
Over the last two years, I have built fifteen wells
with the help of Sambrothers Clean Water
Project, and Journeys Within Our Community. I
returned in 2009 to make a short documentary
on the effects my wells have had on the lives of
the people. By telling this story, some of the
complexities and challenges involved in giving
are revealed. The interviews with Journeys
Within Our Community, Resource Development
International, the doctors at Angkor Children's
Hospital, and the Cambodian people all share
the issues of hygiene, education, water testing,
ownership, and ultimately the delivery of safe
water. Although this story is a drop in the bucket,
it is one filled with possibility, opportunity, and

Director: Lauren Shaw
Producer; Paul Feinberg

Roads To Mecca                        65min

Islam is the world's second largest and fastest
growing religion; the Hajj is its greatest public
rite. Last year three million Muslims from over a
125 countries made the annual pilgrimage to
Mecca. For fourteen hundred years the Hajj has
provided a spiritual destination to millions of men
and women around the world.

ROADS TO MECCA follows the Muslim and non
Muslim members of an international film crew as
they attempt to make the first IMAX movie ever
made on the Hajj. The film interweaves IMAX
footage of the 14th century pilgrimage of the
great Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta, with the
filmmakers' four year struggle to film in Saudi
Arabia where cinema is banned, and in Mecca
where entrance for non-Muslims is strictly

As Ibn Battuta joyfully reaches Mecca and
performs the Hajj, the film portrays the personal
journey of several Muslim filmmakers as they too
experience the Hajj for the first time. The result is
an unique portrait of one of
history's most enduring rites. From the deserts of
Morocco to the heart of the Islamic world,

ROADS TO MECCA presents some of the most
spectacular images ever documented of the Hajj
and reveals the ultimate meaning of its sacred

Cast; Chems Eddine Zinoun
Directed by: Ghasem Ebrahimian & Taran Davies
Co-Director: Ovidio Salazar
Executive Producer: Jake Eberts
Producer: Jonathan Barker, Taran Davies,
Dominic Cunningham - Reid
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