Session 33
Friday, April 23, 10:30pm - 12:00am
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
The Godmother         15min

In this quick paced romantic-action-comedy, Rosella
Wu is convinced by her mother to kill her mobster
husband Danny. But when Danny quits the mob and
cleans up his act, she tries to cancel the hit. Except
she's too late - the hitman crashes into the house,
guns blazing! Now Rosella must stop the hitman,
prevent Danny from finding out it was her, and stand
up to her over-bearing mother who still wants Danny

Cast; Camden Toy, Elizabeth Bond, Georja Umano,
Ron Yuan.

Writer; Ben Fast
Director; Lior Chefetz
Producer; Andres Rodriguez Franco, Ian Dickinson


Shoot The Hero        82min

On a Friday night in suburbia, a bickering young
couple reluctantly shop for wedding rings. In their
attempts to rekindle a failing relationship they
unintentionally become the only eyewitnesses to a
jewelry store heist gone awry as rival gunmen turn on
eachother. Desperate to rectify the botched job, the
underground mob boss dispatches a mysterious hit
man to find the couple and clean up the mess. On a
lone desert road, seemingly random, two brothers
find themselves stranded on their way to work after a
series of misfortune leaves them in a precarious
predicament. They are forced to hitchhike and find a
ride from our young couple. As the night unfolds
everyone discovers that their lives are connected.
What follows is a night of thugs, fights, laughs and
love in an action packed romp.

Cast; Anne Marie Pazmino, Brian Drolet, Danny Trejo
David Shackelford, Fred Williamson, Jason Mewes,
Katie Morgan, Mike Hatton, Nic Nicoterra, Nick
Turturro, Paul Sloan, Samantha Lockwood, Taylor
Writer, Director; Christian Sesma
Producer; Denise DuBarry, Denise DuBarry
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