Session 3
Saturday, April 17, 1:00pm – 3:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
The Policy                                         7min

It's 33 A.D. - plus 3 days - and Mike the insurance agent is
having a strange day. His first client is Simpius, a Roman
soldier with a battle axe stuck in his head who needs a review
of his disability coverage. There is no rest for the weary
however, because after Simpius leaves, Mike has another
client drop by - Jesus. It's three days after the crucifixion and
Jesus - Mother Mary in tow - wants to make sure the group life
insurance he had through the Carpenter's Union is going to
pay out as promised. After all, it doesn't say anything in the
policy about someone having to actually stay dead.
Cast: Aidan Lewis, Anita McDonough, Mark Johnston, Mike
Willis, Mike Fertitta, Nick Lane
Writer, Director and Executive Producer: Michael Lewis

Public Access                                         20 min

Ever since moving from city into the suburbs, things haven’t
been going exactly as planned for Steven and Nancy Stuart.
Steven falls into a dull job teaching at a local high school and
his artist wife, Nancy, finds herself feeling more creatively
stifled than ever before. To cope, both began to detach
themselves from reality and, consequently, from each other. It
seems that their relationship has ultimately spiraled into an
irreparable pattern of dysfunction. Then one night, while
mindlessly channel surfing, Steven and Nancy stumble across
a show on their local public access station called “Let's Talk!
With Larry Schwartz.” Immediately, they are captivated with
the show and soon begin to actualize the advice that the
manipulative host, Larry, provides them with. In doing so,
Nancy and Steven start to conform to the society they had
become so alienated to and are convinced that their problems
are finally solved. Until suddenly, when the show is canceled,
Steven and Nancy are left to find a sensible solution to their
problems on their own.

Cast: Jean Louisa Kelly, John Com
Writer, Director, Producer: Trevor Cohen
Producers: Jenna Morse, Lauren Wade, Zachary Allia.


Danny                                                       24min

'Danny' is the story of a 17 year old boy being physically
abused by his alcoholic father. He is very introverted and has
difficulty making friends. His life is consumed with the abuse
and trying to keep his father at bay. His life changes when a
new 17 year old, Justin, moves in down the street and
befriends him. Their friendship builds and it may be becoming
more than just friendship. As Danny's father's abuse
escalates, things take a turn for the worse forcing Danny to
make some dire choices, leading to dire consequences.

Writer, Director, Producer: T. David Field


Anyone you Want                                 80min

A young businessman befriends a troubled homeless girl on
the streets of Sydney and is drawn into her secret fantasy
world. Over a lost weekend they try out new personalities -
from hippies to grunting cavemen. But as these games bring
them closer together they are forced to confront the
frightening reality of each other's lives. In turns touching,
edgy,and funny, 'Anyone You Want' features rising Australian
stars Socratis Otto (The Matrix Reloaded, Beautiful), Tabrett
Bethell (Legend of the Seeker/Disney, The Clinic) and
veteran comic actor Max Cullen (Australia, Wolverine -
Origins). The film is the first feature of award-winning
director/writer Campbell Graham. His extreme comic short
'Dare' premiered at the Yahoo Film Festival at Chateau
Marmont in L.A. and was picked up by Steven Spielberg and
Ron Howard for their film website - who then
commissioned Campbell to make three more shorts. His other
films, ads and music promos have sold and screened

Cast: Tabrett Bethell, Socratis Otto, Chantelle Corbett, Costa
Ronin, Denise Roberts, Max Cullen, Megan O’Connell, Robin
Writer, Director, Producer: Campbell Granham
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