Session 29
Friday April 23, 1:00pm – 3:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Half Kenneth                                21min

1942: World War II has reached American soil. Kenneth
Handa, an adolescent Japanese-American, has been
imprisoned in the Manzanar War Relocation Camp for
three years. After his father’s passing, Kenneth hatches
a plan to escape and find his Caucasian mother who
lives just a few hours away. Things become complicated,
however, when Kenneth’s little brother, Jo, joins him at
the last minute.

Cast; Avery Dennis, Hunter Dennis, Dawn Walters
Ikuma Ando.

Directed by: Ken Ochiai
Assistant Director: Cory Johnson
Producer: Maya Kanehara
Executive Producer: Yoko Ono
Story; Co-Writer: Ken Ochiai & Michael Raphan
Story: Maya Kanehara


Rain                                58min

Rei Morishita hears the rainy sound when she gets
depressed. The cause of trauma is her father, Jiro who
left home when she was a little girl without saying
goodbye. One day, she's got a package for a woman
which is deliverd to her address by mistakes. She calls a
woman bamed Miwako, but she tells her that the package
is belongs to her father and she wants her to deliver it to
him. She hesitates but accepts. Rain meets Mari who is
her friend from childhood and Jun who is mysterious
cameraman. They knows the situation of her and decide
to go with Rain but she actually is still wondering she
wants to go or not. Then, they meets a man called, Maru
by accident. Rain, Jun and Marui talks about their
situation and she knows Marui has trauma as his father
killed someone. Rain reach out to him and decide to go
to see her father. On the other hand, Rain and Jun finds
Mari is still doing wrist-cutting but Mari starts insult her
and leaves. Marui tells them that he can give them a ride
but they finds there's body in the trunk of his car. He also
became a killer by accident. Confusing his situation, they
goes to see Rain's father. When Rain knows the reason
why he left and he wants to see her now, the rain is
falling down to her heart but gently this time...

Cast: Hiroshi Okazaki, Izumi Nakamura, Kumiko Tasaki,
Norihiko Watanabe.

Writer, Director: Aki Monster
Producer: Satoshi Ikeno
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