Session 28
Thursday April 22, 9:00pm – 10:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Apple of Knowledge        20min

Bernie (Dave Neal) has just made junior partner at his law
firm and lives with his loving girlfriend, Denise (Gianna
Simone). Yet he still feels as if something is missing in his
life, that he has emotional and spiritual needs that simply
aren't being met. In a misguided attempt to fill this void,
Bernie purchases an iPhone. He immediately becomes
infatuated with his new device, even as it sends him into a
downward spiral that affects his personal and professional
life and threatens to turn him into a complete iTool. He
spends his time at work watching YouTube and his private
time with Denise...watching YouTube. The obsession
worsens as Bernie begins to treat the iPhone as a god like
entity. This humorous reflection on our culture's dependence
with technology and it's ability to shape our personalities was
filmed entirely in and around Boston.

Cast; Brandon Stumpf, Dave Neal, Gianna Simone
Co-Director; Benjamin Gamer, Eric Haynes
Co-Writer; Benjamin Gamer, Eric Haynes


Pearl                                                 117min

Set in 1920s rural Oklahoma, 'Pearl' is the true and touching
story of Pearl Carter Scott, the youngest licensed pilot in
American history.

Mentored by world-renowned aviator Wiley Post, Pearl first
pilots a plane at age 12 and becomes a commercial pilot and
local barnstorming celebrity before she reaches adulthood.

As she finds love and becomes a wife and mother, her two
greatest passions collide. Featuring beautiful
cinematography and rich period settings,

“Pearl” is a family-friendly historical drama about a spirited,
young daredevil coming of age. She pursues her dreams
against the backdrop of the deepening Depression and a
catastrophic Dust Bowl and comes to value the love and
support that flows from strong family ties.

Cast; Andrew Sensenig, Angela Gair, Elijah N. DeJesus
Sean Cain, Tom Huston Orr, Isabel Archuleta, Paden Brown.

Writer: Donna Carlton
Co-Writers; Margaret Reynolds & Thomas Bailey
Director, ,Associate Producer; King Hollis
Producer; David Rennke
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