Session 27
Thursday April 22, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Sonabai: Another Way of Seeing         29min

While imprisoned by her husband for fifteen years, a
woman in central India invents an entirely new art form
that expresses life's joy. Although Sonabai was illiterate
and untrained, her artistic vision is now globally
acknowledged. Her work has been the agent of significant
social and economic improvement in her region.
Sonabai's astonishing story confronts us with our own
choices: do we allow ourselves to be victimized by our
current issues or can we use our own inner resources to
find creative solutions?

Cast; Kathleen Brown
Director; David Berez
Co-Director; Jeffrey Wolf
Co-Producer; Kathleen Brown
Co-Director; Executive Producer, Stephen Huyler


Written in Stone                                53min

Prehistoric stone structures have been discovered in
America. Theories of early cultures carrying advanced
engineering skills across the ocean have created a rift
among academics. Although it is indisputable that these
structures exist, their study has become controversial,
culturally loaded and generally spurned, pushing many
researchers out to the edges of their disciplines.

Written In Stone follows a group of aging archaeologists,
retired researchers and eccentric scientists who are
considered the 'fringe.' For over 50 years, they have
been at the forefront of studying ancient civilizations in
America and beyond...often under criticism, and even
hostility from their own academic peers.

Over the past century, differing perspectives on who built
these stone structures has wreaked havoc in academic
circles. The theory of mass migration, with its waves of
Phoenicians, Celts and Vikings inhabiting America has
become an archaeological flash-point. Science has
broken down before it, ego has eclipsed reason, and the
argument itself has become the central issue.

If such a civilization had existed here before, how is it
possible that modern science has not confirmed it?
What is the relationship between Native Americans and
these sites? Why do academics to this day fight amongst

Written In Stone takes the audience deep into the forests
of New England, on a trip that may rewrite history;
showing the real world of not-so-objective science,
personal intrigue and cultural identity that surrounds
ancient stone sites in the middle of a one-hundred year

Cast; David White
Cinematographer/DP; Alex Jones & Stephen Cramer
Director, Producer; Daniel Gaucher
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