Session 26
Thursday April 22, 4:00pm – 6:00pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
The Bakhtiari Alphabet                         56min

Set in the breathtaking Zagros Mountains of Southwest Iran,
the Bakhtiari Alphabet documents the seasonal migration of
the proud, ancient Bakhtiari tribe as they face challenges
and celebrate daily triumphs in their struggle to maintain
their richly textured culture in the face of 21st century
encroachments on their practices and traditions.

The filmmakers traveled the migratory route of the Bakhtiari
people to document the challenges they face in educating
their children in the context of preserving the enduring
tradition of nomadic pastoralism. From the opening majestic
scenery and evocative plaintive sound, the film calls upon
the world community to safeguard this splendid heritage of
ancient Persian culture through effective, meaningful
education of its caretakers among the next generation.

The idea of a film started when Cima Sedigh, professor of
Education at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut
began researching, in 2001, forms of tribal education in Iran.
She started with the Bakhtiari, who are the largest and most
prominent nomadic community in Iran.

The epic seasonal journey of the Bakhtiar was first
introduced to the world in 1925 by ' Grass: A Nation's Battle
for Life' which documents the migration of 50,000 Bakhtiaris
and is a masterpiece of silent documentary. The Bakhtiri
Alphebet picks up where Grass had left off 75 years earlier.

The film starts with examining the ABC's of tribal life and the
requirements of migration then moves to investigating the
ABC's of education among this migratory population. It last
examines how tribal education impacts tribal life.

Cast; Edward Malin
Directed by: Reza Ghadyani, Cima Sedigh
Producer,Co-Writer, Production Manager; Director,  
Co-Writers, M. Ghanbari, Shahbaz Esmaili
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