Session 24
Wednesday April 21, 8:30pm – 10:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
An Unfinished Romance 10min

A gentle romantic comedy looking at the assumptions we
make about other people, which make or break our sense
of enchantment, the essence of romance.

Cast: Matthew Rossner, Zoe Ventoura
Director, Producer,Writer; Alison Heather


The Last Page                                21min

Jason Adams is a writer, struggling to find the perfect line
to finish his latest story. His chronic case of writer's block
prompts his girlfriend to suggest he take a break and get
inspired. A simple walk to the liquor store goes awry. He is
catapulted into a bizarre series of events. Handcuffed,
battered, and left with only one shoe - Jason ponders the
relevance of finishing the last page.

Cast; Andrew Burlinson, Emily Rose, Mark DeCarlo,
MeKenna Melvin, Megan Cavanagh, Michael Rivkin
Wilton Godfrey.

Writer, Director; Kevin Acevedo
Producer,Co-Writer Matt Akey

The Promise of Tomorrow 1940- 1960        59min

The Promise of Tomorrow' highlights the first generation
Greek Americans who were raised in southern California
from 1943 to the early 1960's.

This documentary appeals to anyone of immigrant
parentage. Personal stories of duality and great ethnic
pride are told in a heartwarming and often humorous vein.
Academy award winner, Olympia Dukakis, hosts and

Our story begins with harrowing accounts of several WWII
veterans, members of the OSS, (a pre CIA Operational
Group,) and survivors of the Greek Civil War. Sixty
thousand Greek Jews were transported to the death
camps, as described by a Holocaust survivor. Rare
footage and private photographs highlight these stories.

After the war, the expansionism of the Greek American
community in Los Angeles Angeles begins with the building
St. Sophia Cathedral. Under the leadership of Charles P.
Skouras, movie executive and owner of Fox Coast West
theatres, we watch the groundbreaking ceremony and
building of this magnificent structure emulating Agia (Saint)
Sophia in Constantinople. We hear how the first
generation struggled for acceptance.

This 'duality' of being Greek at home and American at
school stays with them throughout their adult life. Trying to
balance both cultures is inspiring and often hilarious. Also,
many well known personalities in politics and entertainment
express their connection with Greek America.

Cast; Olympia Dukakis
Writer, Director, Producer; Anna Giannotis
Co-Producer, Production Coordinator; Alethea Avramis
Co-Producer; Assistant Director; Demitra Tsioulos
Producer; Antonia Lianos
Executive Producer; Shelly Papadopoulos
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