Session 23
Wednesday April 21, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Under God                                        10min

Combining questions of Faith, Technology and Politics,
UNDER GOD is a Cold War-era parable about the day
President Eisenhower met with the world’s first super
computer, UNIVAC. The President and his staff go to
participate in what they think is a mere photo-op with the
latest advances in technology. During the visit, Ike is
challenged by the scientists to ask UNIVAC “any question
he can think of.” Ike tries to outsmart the computer by
asking it a theological question that no man can answer.
UNIVAC’s shocking answer may have altered history as we
know it.

Cast; Jeffrey Buckner Ford, Rob Monroe, Amy Weaver
Barry Levy, Chad Fogland, David Kimball, Eva Anderson,
Fred Cross, Mark Teich, Rob Boocheck, Steve Francis,
Tim Ford, Wade Harpootlian.

Directed, Executive Producer,
Writer by: Richard Farmer
Executive Producer: Kirsten Lee
Producers; Jimmy Greenway, Wade Harpootlian


3                                                         8min

At Hell's gate 43-year-old lawyer Fausto Silveira is greeted
by an anonymous bureaucrat. Still in disbelief, Fausto tries
to figure out what got him into this situation. The
bureaucrat, having little patience for lame excuses,
presents Fausto's case in a matter-of-fact way:
metaphysics, divine justice and eternal damnation in a tone
of black humor. What will be Fausto's destiny?

Cast; Carlos Morelli, Paulo Vasconcelos
Directed, Writer by: Paola Siqueira


Underground                99min

Michael’s (Wilbert Berthaud Jr.) life is turned upside down
when his parents die in a mysterious fire accident. At the
age of seventeen, he is forced to take care of his two
orphan brothers (Lee and Michael Berthaud).

With little to no education, he tries to find work but the
constant rejections along with the death of his parents left
him feeling delusional. An accidental encounter with two
hoodlums (Don Foley and Rob Young), leads him to learn
about a secret underground organization where you fight
for money. Ignoring his friend’s (Mike Harb) advice, Michael
meets with the head of the “Underground”.

After a brief audition, Monro (Emanuel Ward) grows
extremely impressed with Michael’s abilities. Despite the
warning and pleading of his friend to stop, Michael is lured
in by the fortune and is willing to do whatever it takes to
support his brothers. Believing he is doing the right thing,
he is unaware that he is actually getting deeper and
losing everything.

Cast; Wilbert Bethaud Jr., Don Foley, Emanuel Ward
Mike Harb, Robert p Young, Sara Rattigan, Sara Walsh

Directed by: Wilbert Bethaud Jr.
Producer; Jenny Lima
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