Session 21
Tuesday April 20, 9:45pm – 11:15pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Pincushion                                         8min

John and Jane seem to be a happy couple but
lately Jane has been having second thoughts
about the relationship. Jane decides that the only
course of action left is to break up with John. A
metaphorical look at what happens when two
people break up.

Cast; Benjamin Watts, Matt Mercer, Najarra

Writer; Justin Morris
Story; Ryan Mickles, Stephen Spinkles
Director, Producer; Stephen Sprinkles


Tripping on a Bicycle                        87min

Set in the midst of Goa's sprawling rain drenched
landscape, Tripping on a Bicycle is a
heartwarming story that brings to life the trials
and errors of two Buddhist monks struggling to
let go. Living a modest life in a remote Goan
village, Dorje and Jamyang reside together with
Sir Albatross Sinclair, the goat, and Mildred, the
buffalo, for company. A law unto himself, Dorje
has not spoken to his parents back in England
for the last seven years. He keeps himself busy
by offering astute advise as a local Chaplain and
surveying Jamyang's progress on the sewing
machine stitching habits for Catholic nuns, their
primary source of livelihood. Jamyang, on the
other hand, is haunted by nightmares of his
upcoming court case that decides the custody of
his eight year old daughter. Their fairly
nondescript existence is propelled into action
when their close neighbor has a terrible fall and
is in desperate need of an operation. Strapped
for cash, Dorje enlists the help of his motley crew
- the village postman, a tea stall owner, a cobbler
with treacherous eyesight and a romantic who
resurrects bicycles. With questionable talent
within the team and time running out, Dorje must
eventually do what he is immeasurably good at.

Cast: James Keenan, Sikandar Bhana
Writer; Producer; Savio Noronha
Production; Akanksha Sood
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