Session 20
Tuesday April 20, 8:00pm – 9:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Record                                        5min

Every Saturday, Derek sells records in front of his house. He
has two types of customers - fashionable hipsters who scan
the bins for ironic novelty records or intense vinyl junkies
who dig through the crates to find a rare classic. It's easy to
get disenchanted with this crowd. One afternoon, Derek's set-
up is visited by a group of people who would ordinarily walk
right by. A chance musical discovery yields a powerful

Based on a true story

Daniel Matmor
Writer, Director & Producer, Dylan Reibling

Heterosexuals                                85min

Rhonda and Nick, both in their 20’s, are childhood friends
who have always shared the details of their romantic
disasters. Nick hits on the idea of providing each other with a
sexual outlet until they’re mature enough to find appropriate

The idea will work as long as they don’t fall in love. Akey,
early 30s, is a very romantic guy who just can’t get a date.
Elia, also early 30s, is writing her doctoral thesis on society’s
changing attitude toward virginity. It seems she knows a thing
or two about the subject; she’s never been able to get a
date, ever – in her life. When Nick and Rhonda arrange one,
a magical thing happens -- Akey and Elia see a beauty in
each other no one else can.

Larry and Denny, late 30s, have been married ten years. But
as financial strains crack their foundation, Larry fights to
resist the attention of a comely client, named Alexandra. He
plays a dangerous game of brinksmanship with her affection,
without ever stepping over the line. But the line seems to
shift each time they meet. Denny can intuit that Larry maybe
be straying, and she must confront her feelings about herself
before deciding whether to fight for him or not.

The narrative ends by uniting the couples in an emotional
climax that intertwines the three escalating storylines. The
aftermath creates a mysterious air of peace and
understanding. It may be short-lived, but a glimpse is all
some Heterosexuals need.

Cast; Ashley Williams, Alex Lyras, Celia Schaefer, Daniel
Gerrol, J. Robert Spenser, Kevin Meaney, Natasha Lyonne,
Neal Jones, Todd Weeks, Tovah Feldshuh

Writer, Director; Robert McCaskill
Producer; Tai Burkholder
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