Session 2
Saturday, April 17, 11:00am – 12:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Wolfman Tree                                 1min

WolfManTree is a bloodthirsty series of interstitial animated
shorts, asking the eternal question - 'What's better, brains or

Cast: Devin Uzan (voice), Dominic Basignano (voice)
Writer, Director and Producer: Stuart Allan

What’s your Flavor?                 2min

Bobbie Silvergold visits her favorite ice cream shop and has
a difficult time choosing a favorite.

Writer, Director, Producer: Debi Bradshaw

Shuttle T- 42                                 2min

Shuttle T42 crash lands on an unknown planet leaving
young Jay and his mother stranded. While trying to help his
mother, Jay?s good intentions turn bad and throw the two
into further irreversible danger. A danger that could only be
resolved by heroic actions and sacrifice.
Cast: Christine Alexander (voice), Max Gavin (voice)
Writer, Director, Producer: Joon Hyung Kim

Jet                                                 4min

JET Junior ExtraTerrestrial JET is the story of a curious little
space alien whose adventurous spirit takes him on an
extended voyage when he visits Earth for the day. Family
Vacation. It is about building new friendships and finding
trust in an alien world. Shot in Los Angeles, CA and Nevada.

Writer, Director, Producer: V. ‘dr.sassi’ Sassmannshausen


Pete’s Odyssey                         5min

Pete's Odyssey is an inspiration animation set to the sweet
sounds of Michelle Armstrong's song, Unafraid to Find. Pete
(aka, Cynthia) is a young female songbird who must venture
out of her hallow to confront her fear of change. Along the
way, she finds her inner beauty and strength.

Cast: Michelle Armstrong (voice)
Writer, Director, Co-producer: Larry Lauria
Executive Producer, Co-producer: Charlotte Rinderknecht


The Marked Man                         6min

The Marked Man is 3D animated short film. The story is
about an ex-convict being suffered from people's prejudice.
Many elements in the movie contain metaphors. The movie
starts with a moth flying in a jar. The moth symbolizes all the
'marked' men. Even though moths and butterflies are similar
kind of insects, people love butterflies, but hates moths with
only their looks. I talk about the marked man with an ex-
convict in this film, but the 'marked' men means not only ex-
convicts, but also all the alienated people in every society. I
hope this film gives the audiences a chance to reflect
themselves, whether if they've ever prejudged some people
around them and isolated from the society.

Writer and Producer: Hyunjung Rhree


The Dreams of Leonardo Da Vinci                 6min

Leonardo da Vinci dreams of making art but gets interrupted
by Captain Phil I. Stine demanding war machines.
Cast: Mick Cusimano (voice)
Writer, Director, Producer: Mick Cusimano


Pups of liberty                                         15min

Pups of Liberty is the story of the Boston Tea Party told with
cats and dogs.

Cast: Eric Goldberg (voice), Jennifer Cardon Klein (voice),
Paul Willson (voice) and Phil Proctor (voice)
Writer, Co-Director, Co-Producer: Jennifer Cardon Klein
Co-Director, Co-Producer: Bert Klein
Assistant Director: Hyun-min Lee


The Macabre World of Lavender Williams       23 min

Eight year-old Lavender Williams, who recently lost her
mother to cancer, sets off on an epic journey to find her Dad,
whom she's never met. Her only companion is Lester, her
late pet who’s returned from the grave to help her. But the
journey won’t be easy for the girl and her zombie dog, for the
evil presence of Sheriff Murdstone stalks them at every turn.

Cast: Lily Jackson (leader) and Rex Linn (supporter)
Writer, Director and Producer: Nicolas Delgado
Producer: Brian Keithley
Assistant Directors: Franklyn Gottbetter and Pamela Monroe
Script Supervisor: Julie Bangs

Plant Girl                                                 30min

“Plant Girl” is a story of growth, truth and hope. Lily is finding
it very quiet and lonely since her mother left. Lily’s father,
Chuck, is trying to manage being the only parent to a child
he doesn’t really know. With only her imagination and the
backyard to keep her company, Lily discovers a small ear
growing on a plant in the garden. After tending and caring
for it, the plant grows into a full-bloomed plant girl, and
becomes her best, if only, friend. Nanna, also an avid
gardener, lives next door. Concerned about Lily’s isolated
life-style, Nanna attempts to reach out to the young girl.
Chuck is suspicious of Nanna’s motives however. Wanting to
keep his daughter secluded and his life private, he forbids
Lily to see her. But when Plant Girl becomes ill, Lily knows
Nanna is the only one who can help. Lily must make the
decision to obey her only parent or become independent
and explore life outside the fence; and risk exposing Chuck’s
secrets in the process. A short drama from the four Affolter
brothers, “Plant Girl” is a touching tale of coming into ones
own. Through their growth, Lily and Plant Girl remind us of
the importance of hope, family and redemption.

Cast: Stephen Park and T.C. Dickinson (leaders) Balinder
Johal(supporter), Lynda Boyd (voice)
Writers: Heath Affolter, Jon Affolter, Nathan Affolter and
Thomas Affolter
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