Session 18
Tuesday, April 20, 3:00pm – 5:00pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
I Love Children But....        18min

'I love children but . . .' is an autobiographical documentary
about my hesitations to become a mother. The film uses my
personal uncertainties as a prism to explore contemporary
parenting and changing expectations of women.

Producer; Laura McLam

Subprime: Bringing Down the House       75min

The subprime crisis has shaken the world economy to its
core. “Subprime: Bringing Down the House” takes a behind-
the-scenes look at the crisis with insights from the top
leaders in the country. A Congressional leader talks about
the failings of Congress and top professors from the
Wharton School and Yale University explain what really
happened. This film shows how the leaders of Wall Street
turned their firms into monster mortgage-making machines
that led to their downfall even as their pay packages went
unaffected. The film also explores the human side and
examines the gut-wrenching struggle of hard-working people
desperate to keep their homes, and heart-breaking stories of
suicides, bankruptcies and foreclosures. This is the story of
how a few leaders of Wall Street, bad decision-making, and
the failings of the regulators created a crisis that caused the
sufferings of millions.

Writers, Producers; William McKeever, Josiah Signor
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