Session 17
Monday April 19, 8:45pm – 10:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Badewanne zum Glück
(Bathtub to Happiness)        26min

Victor and Marie have never met before tonight. But
several chaotic coincidences later they both find
themselves in the same bathtub. Without any clothes
on. On top of all that, the bathtub they are sitting in
starts to glow and hum in very un-bathtub-like ways...
You guessed it: Victor and Marie are sitting in an
enchanted bathtub, one that will make their destiny...
the bathtub to happiness!

Cast; Lea Kohns, Steffen Nowak
Writer, Director, Producer; Nadine Keil & Norbert Keil

Are you for Great Sex?        104min

There is sex, and then there is unforgettable sex. 'Are
You For Great Sex'? is a modern love story based on
a true story.

Mateas and Thea thought their relationship was based
solely on their amazing sexual chemistry which began
13 years ago. No strings attached was a place of
comfort. With her biological clock ticking, Thea asked
Mateas to fertilize her eggs so she could freeze them
and concentrate on her career. Hitting too close to the
mark, Mateas freaks, then Thea freaks and they

Ten years later, Thea has been in a sexless, abusive
marriage while workaholic-ism has consumed Mateas.
Both are unrecognizable in who they have become.
Then the 'universe' seems to swoop in and blow the
'dog whistle which only your soulmate can hear'
bringing them back together sexually for one amazing
adulterous night together.

Next morning, they freak again and go their separate
ways. And that would have been it if it weren't for the
fact that four weeks later, Thea finds out that through
a condom, she is pregnant! This forces the two to look
each other in the eye for the first time in 13 years and
truly see their relationship for what it might really be.

Only an amazing sexual connection? Or can an
amazing sexual connection truly point to our inner

Cast; Alexandra Cleavely, Jessica Caban, Kawan
Lovelace, Taso Mikroulis, Walter Vincent.

Writer, Director, Producer; Cynthia Hsiung
Executive Producer; Fabrice Figaret, Theodore
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