Session 16
Monday April 19, 7:00pm – 8:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Breadwinner                                10min

Douglas is a hard working independent man who has
made a great life for himself. This contrasts sharply
with the life that his father lead. Douglas' father,
Leonard was an often out of work writer who could not
provide financial stability for Douglas as a child.
Douglas is reflecting back on how he treated his father
growing up and the disdain he felt for him not being a
good provider. At first feeling justified about the way
he acted in the past Douglas in the end questions
whether he really knew his father at all, and if the man
he often looked down upon wasn't really all that he
seemed to be.

Cast; Adam Rensch, Matthew Driscoll
Writer, Director, Producer; Cornelius Murphy


When The Dogs Cried Out        17min

The story of Dawn, a girl who decides to flee her
oppressive community of fundamentalist polygamists
with the help of her brother.

Cast; Ellen Warner, Gregory Joseph, Ian Temple,
Roshelle Pattison
Writer, Director; Aaron Jackson
Associate Producer; Andrew Katz
Producer; Andrew Corkin


The Shermans Apprentice        17min

Elijah, a skeptical anthropologist who specializes in the
study of shamanism, conducts field research with a
powerful shaman healer, Santero. One day Elijah
arrives at Fernando’s hut and discovers the old man in
disarray. Santero says he was injured by an evil
sorceress, Akilina, and explains that without Elijah’s
help, he will succumb to her next attack. At first, Elijah
is hesitant to believe Santero, but when Elijah
accidentally attracts Akilina’s attention, he finds
himself cursed and on the brink of death. Will Elijah
reevaluate his beliefs in order to save his life?

Cast; Ayla Satten, Bert Santos Santos, Bob Sznip, Eric
Rochman, Josh Gaffga, Khelsy Raymond

Writer, Director, Producer; Max Nova
Producer; Teresa Garcia.


The Killing of Mary Surratt        26min

Boardinghouse innkeeper Mary Surratt was one of
four Southern sympathizers who was tried, convicted,
and executed for conspiring to assassinate President
Lincoln. Believed by many to have been innocent, she
was nevertheless doomed to be the first woman killed
by the U.S. government, who was eager to put the
whole tragic affair behind them.

Cast; Brian Rife, Christina Birdsall, Don Treco, Eric
Wheeler, Erik Sundquist, Mary Beth Barber, Rick
Barram, Robert Anthony Peters, Ron Randolph

Writer, Director, Producer; Chris King
Producer; Donn Hornung
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