Session 15
Monday April 19, 4:30pm – 6:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

Signalwaala Ladka                 6min
Boy at the Signal)

A moment in life of two individuals , meeting each other at
the traffic Signal for few minutes and share a life in those few

Cast; Shivani Tanksale
Writer, Director, Producer; Pramod Pathak


Takeo                                       19min

MAGGIE WRIGHT has everything she could possibly want, a
beautiful daughter, a loving husband, and a ranch
surrounded by the rolling landscape of the Midwestern
United States. But when a stranger, TAKEO, comes knocking
on her door, Maggie's life quickly decays into a desperate
struggle for survival as she tries to protect her family in this
harrowing tale of family secrets and revenge.

Cast; Yutaka Takeuchi, Shannon McGann, Timothy
Brennen, Sydney Sweeney

Writer, Director; Omar Samad
Producer; Manmeet Kuckreja


The Depth of Negatives        21min

Throughout the course of a seemingly regular day, Chris
Mills, is faced with the discovery of a mysterious woman
appearing in many of the customers' photos. While trying to
keep his head about him he seeks to discover whether or not
the mystery woman is the result of an error in development
or the work of something completely out of his hands.

Cast; Ann DiNella, Brian Anastas, Crystal Souza, Gene Flynn
Jack Ryan, Mike Locicero, Molly Kelleher, Tom Lock.

Writer, Director; Eric Ryan
Associate Producer; Abigail Treglia
Producer; Noreen Anastasia


In Pursuit of a Dream                        85min

During the summer of 2008, twenty-four students left their
homes in cities and towns across the United States,
exchanged their shorts and sandals for long dresses and
pioneer pants, and set off on a two-week journey on the
Oregon and California Trails.

Traveling by wagon in Wyoming and Oregon. They were, like
19th century emigrants, “In Pursuit of a Dream.” Living in
tents, walking the trail alongside mule and horse-drawn
wagons, and cooking over open fires, they learned about
history by reliving an experience that in the 1800s drew over
500,000 people to head West.

Produced by the Oregon-California Trails Association (in
cooperation with Boston Productions, Inc.)

Cast; Andrew Stanley, Angela Moreno-Long, Arielle
Klagsbrun, Bailey Scott, Bill Vixie, Brian Larson, Bruce Berst,
Candace Manley, Chuck Miller, Chuck Larsen, Daniel
Gaughan, Darla Wynn, Dave Vixie, Dixon Ford, Doc Bob,
Don Erickson, Eduard Streltsov, Frankie Israel, George
Abeyta, Jakob Robbins, James Trosper, Jane Leche, Janet
Wragge, Javonna Arrigia, Joseph Belford, Josh Kwasniewski
Karen Vixie, Katie Pehrson, Kenady Chisum, Kevin Reddy,
Kim Merchant, Larry Gomez, Lydia Gammill,
Marisha Devore, Mikayla Larrow, Mike Browne, Mike Moore
Mike Owens, Monte Nystrom, Olivia Wriggley, Patrick
Mullaney, Rachel Stevens, Rick Stevens, Robert Elsloo
Steve Moulton, Teton Trosper, Tom Rea, Tom Yellowcloud
Trenten Bonnano, Wayne Norton

Director; Bob Noll
Producers; Candy Moulton, Jaqueline Sheridan, Quackgrass
Executive Producer; Travis Boley
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