Session 14
Monday April 19, 2:00pm – 4:00pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Mannen Med Kulorna
The Man with all the Marbles                14min

This is story of the rivalry between two brothers. Håkan is the
successful one, running the family business. Martin is
homeless. Håkan has always won over Martin in everything,
from the marbles they played as children to control of the
business. And Martin is fixed on the idea of beating his
brother in a game of marbles. If he can just beat him,
everything will turn around. Håkan wants Martin to sign over
the business to him. But Martin won't do it unless they play
one more game.

Jonas Larsson, Lukas Loughran
Writer, Director, executive Producer; Hans Montelius

More Than Walking                                25min

Jonathan, a 19-year-old American student, fell from a 70 ft.
cliff in northern India in February, 2006. When he woke up in
a hospital, he was told that he might never walk again.

Jonathan has limited upper-body strength and no sensation
or movement in his hands or below his arms. The same kind
of injury is shared by two Indian military veterans: Krishnan,
46, a resident at the military rehabilitation center in Pune;
and Navin, 38, who is living independently and starting a
school for street children in Delhi.

The movie tells their stories and the stories of Riya, 14, who
was following instructions when her coach told her to dive
into the shallow end of the pool; and Rahul, 23, who was
defending his uncle from a drunk neighbor when he was

This inspiring film asks the question, what is the good reason
that these five friends are still alive.

Director; Jonathan Sigworth
Producer; Fred Sigworth
Co-Producer; Virginia Sigworth

Untouchable                        57min

Untouchable follows Superbike Freestyle's newest star,
Jorian Ponomareff from France, as he travels the globe
training with the most elite riders in every country.

His supernatural ability and creative style attracted the
attention of both fans and championship riders, as well as
the sport's biggest marketing executives. Award winning
director Michael Pollack delivers his best work with this
cinematic action sport documentary featuring the most
progressive and innovative riding in sport bike history.

Travel through France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Holland,
Poland and all over the USA with the best riders on the
planet including: Chris Pfeiffer, AC Farias, Stunter 13, Darius
Khashabi, Narcis Roca, Razerback, Krazy Kyle Rapport,
Mokus, Le Marseillais, Javi Almazan, Tigroo, Coaster Ben,
Insane J & many more. In just a few short months, Jorian
goes from being an unknown amateur who had never been
outside of France, to an international sensation in the world
of Superbike Freestyle.

This is the story of Jorian Ponomareff.

Writer, Director, Producer; Michael Pollack
Producer; Brett Sloan
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