Session 12
Sunday, April 18, 8:15pm – 10:15pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Abidjan                                        35min

This film is a fictional story that follows a hesitant young
soccer player from Brooklyn to his mother’s homeland in
Africa during a summer vacation. During his time in Africa,
he tries to get his parents back together. Upon doing this
his mother discover what she has lost in Abidjan. Efe the
lead character is also a selfish soccer prodigy who will also
learn the values of team play and also passing the ball.

Cast; Ana Sess, Bradley Nestor, Brandon Morrison
Christian Gomis, Kyle Seales, Liris Crosse, Paul Arthur,
Stayron Obre.

Writer, Director, Producer; Alexander AE Etseyatse
Executive Producer: Claude Obre, Monique Obre
Associate Producer: Joseph Montgomery, Ebony J. Lewis


Walking Cinema: Murder on Beacon Hill
Part movie, part stroll, and part participatory theater,
“Walking Cinema: Murder on Beacon Hill,” is a unique
opportunity to walk around in the scenery, conflicts, and
artifacts of an historical film.

Working with a grant from the National Endowment for the
Humanities and in partnership with the original PBS
filmmakers, Untravel Media of Boston has developed a
unique iPhone application that leads audiences along a
mile path in Boston’s oldest neighborhood strewn with
encounters, clues, and artifacts from a true story of a
Harvard Professor accused of killing and dismembering the
wealthy Brahmin, Dr. George Parkman.

November 23rd, 2009 will mark the 160th anniversary of
George Parkman’s disappearance after he was seen going
into the Harvard Medical College.

Cast; Alexandra McDougall, Paul Logan

Writer; Eric Stange, Michael Epstein
Director; Michael Epstein
Collaborating Director; Eric Stange
Producers; Laura Piraino, Caitlin Mailly
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