Session 8
Sunday April 17, 11:00am – 12:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
ZOMBIE                                                                19min

A mild-mannered Jeffrey Dahmer-esque serial killer
commits his final crime. What makes a 'seemingly normal'
person crack? The unsettling answer: We don't know. From
the award-winning novella by famous American author Joyce
Carol Oates, and the acclaimed, critically-lauded Off-
Broadway play. Featuring the award-winning performance of
Bill Connington as 'Quentin P.'

Cast: Bill Connington, Hayley Holbrook, Kelley Van Dilla
Mario Caruso, Seaburn Williams, Tanvir Gopal
William S. Johnson Jr.

Base (Adapted) on a novel by Joyce Carol Oates
Screenplay by Bill Connington
Directed by Thomas Caruso
Produced by Aaron Bouchard, Bill Connington
and Michael Cooper



If you are in the heart of the big apple, your quest for food can
be easily satisfied… But not far from there, in the South
Bronx, if you wish to eat fresh food, you will struggle to find it.

Tatiana Dutra Perez, first time filmmaker, went to meet the
community to hear what they have to say about it and what
they are doing to change this situation. With her European
and Brazilian background, she investigated why people
suffer from hunger and food related diseases in the heart of
the richest country on earth.

In her search of an answer, she met with Karen Washington,
long-time food justice activist. Karen and some of her
colleagues will tell us about the food problems in low-income
areas in the US.

Karen is the best person to guide us in this matter; besides
being a Bronx resident she has been helping people all over
the city to grow nutritious food and build healthier

Written and Directed by Tatiana Dutra Perez


GOD'S SQUARE MILE                                        35MIN

Set amidst the largest collection of authentic Victorian
architecture in the United States, the short documentary
God's Square Mile tells the story of how outspoken
members of the LGBT community can coexist with those who
ardently believe homosexuality to be a sin. From the
undeveloped sand dunes, scrub oak, and sea of the 1869
Jersey Shore to present day Ocean Grove's billowing
American flags and prohibition against the sale of alcohol,
God's Square Mile tells the inspiring and candid story of a
town unwilling to compromise its beliefs in love, faith, or
community. The film is a tribute to Ocean Grove and its work
in cultivating a precarious balance between preserving its
Christian heritage and embracing diversity.

Directed by Rachel Julkowski