Session 7
Saturday, April 16, 10:00pm – 11:55pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
THE PHILOSOPHER                                16MIN

A man who get all success in his life, decide to strip
himself of all material objects he owns in order to attain
a clear, pure mind for through and Philosophy.... He
rents a van, empties his apartment, and lays his
belongings and rented van, surprised that none of his
belongings have been touched by anyone. After failed
attempts to convince passerby to take away his freewill,
he stumbles across Leo, who agrees to take Baggio's
freewill. After some months Baggio and Leo starts to
form some kind of a friendship, where they lead a
simple life and Baggio finds his inner happiness not as
a philosopher but as a friend to a person he grew so
fond of, who in his past life wouldn't have had the chance
to socialize with.

Cast: Jean Reno and Cyrille Thouvenin
Written and Directed by Abdulla AlKaabi


FESTIVAL                                                        80MIN

PARKER, an office manager, propositions his staff to
throw their first annual film festival. The office employees
embrace the idea and help coerce MARGARET, a web
designer who works in the building, to go make a  
documentary about the top five winning submissions
and their directors. Margaret hits the road and
interviews the filmmakers in real time while the
interviews of the festival office employees in-between
help us understand what it really means to run a film

Cast: Adam Lendermonm, Addison Graham, Allan
Oliveira, Andrew Gerst, Bill Doherty Jr., Breanna Pham
Brett Leigh, Carol Drewes, Chaseedaw Taphath Giles
Chris Hollyfield, Daniel Shea, Dante Russo, Diana
Afonso, Diane Coriano, Donald Crane, Gary Bosek,
Graham Kurtz, Jacquelyn Scafidi, James Strybuc,
Justine Scafidi, Kimberly Wolff, Lauralyn McClelland
Linda Multer, Linda Vuong, Matt Surette, Megan Phelps
Melissa McMeekin, Michael West, Michael Moroso
Nathan Jourdan, Olena Miner, Oneika Phillips, Tara
Brooke-Watkins, Thomas Bonifacio, Timothy DeCoff
Tommy Primavera, Travis Waldschmidt and Vanessa

Written & Directed by Brett Leigh & Michael R. West