Session 6
Saturday, April 16, 7:30pm – 9:45pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

The Little Butterfly Ring is the story of a young man,
Dan, whose world is rocked one night when he comes
home to find overwhelming evidence of his girlfriend's
infidelity. Unable to handle it, he becomes upset and
emotional, resulting in a confrontation with
his girlfriend.  But was the evidence as damning as it
first seemed? Or should Dan have taken a step back  
to look at the big picture?

Cast: David Tarr, Elizabeth Closter, Fiore Leo,
Lindsay Kilgore and Sally Glass.

Written by Josephine Amadeo, Ramon Trinidad and
Zachary Mays.
Directed and Produced by Ramon Trinidad


APPLEBOX                                        29MIN

In this little short mini story James Bronson is a
Hollywood mega-star at the top of his game -- and the
top of his box. A full apple box, to be exact. At the
height of his stardom, an unfortunate mishap occurs
and Bronson loses his trusted platform --  and all that
'makes' the 5 foot 3 inch actor a larger-then-life
phenom quickly disappears. Surrounded by the valleys
and peaks of Los Angeles, we follow how a vertically
challenged actor rises to the occasion when
opportunity finds him in his most pivotal state, learning
that the true foundation beneath his craft isn't
necessarily a 2x1 foot box.

Cast: James Madio, A.J Buckley, Allan Wasserman,
Angelo Vacco, Boris Kievsky, Bridget Marquardt,
Clinton Wallace, Craig Difrancia, Frank John Hughes,
Guy Washburn. Jill Davenport, John Bobek, Johnny
Hawkes, Katie Watkins, Laurie Fortier, Lenny Levi,
Nicole Myrick, Patrick O'Brien Demsey, Richard
Speight, Jr., Rick Gomez, Rick Robles, Ron Livingston
and Ronnie Marmo.

Written by James Madio and Rick Page
Directed by Rick Page
Produced by Mia Niebruegge and Rick Page
Executive Producers Mark Hantoot, Bert Liebens,
Carlos Pato and James Madio


DIRECTOR'S CUT                                105MIN

Director's Cut is the story of Cassie Thompson, a
college dropout and ex-film student who decides to
make a movie in an attempt to turn her dead-end life
around. However, her movie is about the Zombie
Cannibal Vampire Pirate Queen, and her cast and
crew are neurotic and inexperienced, to say the least.
Our film chronicles Cassie's misadventures and
mishaps as she attempts to get her movie made.

Cast: Brian Cheng, Ed Ryan, Elise Rovinsky, Eric
James Eastman, Hallie York, Jake Kropac, Jessica
Coles, Johnathan Fernandez, Marcus Slabine and
Omar Baig

Written by Chris Morcom and Elana Mugdan
Directed by Elana Mugdan
Produced by Dave Dodds and Elana Mugdan