Session 5
Saturday, April 16, 6:00pm – 7:10pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
JACKPOT                                        16MIN

Shontae is smart, attractive, and determined to live the
good life. She senses a rare opportunity when she
begins a physical relationship with an NBA player.
However, Shontae’s plan to lure the athlete into a long-
term relationship brings her a nightmarish result.

Case: Anthony Laurent, Damiyr Shuford, Kennelia
Stradwick and Kimberly Holloway.

Written and Directed by Tony Ducret

THE INTERVIEW                                15MIN

This gritty action film set in the open desert follows a
lone man, Ivan, to an interview with the world's most
powerful and dangerous arm's dealer, Draco. If Ivan
survives a sixty second fight with four of Draco's men,  
he's got a job!

Cast: Harry Lennix, Jaye Razor and Tomm Voss
Written and Directed by Giovanni Zelko.


THE TUB                                                16MIN

A black comedy about FRANNIE, (Dedee Pfeiffer) a
woman who feels she has failed at relationships, and
even botched her half-hearted attempts at suicide
brought on by these romantic failures. Then, with the
help of a WOMAN (Melora Hardin) who seems to know
an awful lot about her, she realizes that her life does not
have to be defined by men. Unfortunately she figures
this out just as her attempt at suicide is actually finally
working. She knows better now. But...

Cast: Melora Hardin, Dedee Pfeiffer, Spencer Garrett,
Kevin J. Ryan, Gildart Jackson

Written by M. L. Kessler
Directed by Matia Karrell
Producers: Jeffrey Hopkins, Kevin J. Ryan, and Karl T.
Executive Producers: Terrell Braly, Lori Cole, Jamie


COLD SORE                                                18MIN

Plagued by grief and loneliness, Jenna haunts bars and
nightclubs, yearning to meet Mr. Right. Then she meets
Guy, an enigmatic stranger who’s perhaps too good to
be true. After a passionate goodnight kiss, Jenna
wakes up the next day to discover a nasty lesion has
appeared on her lip. The doctor's diagnosis suggests a
simple cold sore. A week later we find Jenna and Guy
together again, but when the doctor calls to reveal the
lesion has a much more sinister cause, the night
suddenly takes a dangerous turn.

Cast: Henry Nixon, Peter McAllum, Saskia Burmeister

Written and Directed by Matt Bird
Produced by Jaimi Chivers