Session 4
Saturday, April 16, 3:00pm – 5:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
INSIDE OUT                                        24 MIN

An examination of the privileged inmates in a
minimum security prison and the blue collar workers
that are in charge of them. At its center is John
McGinley, correction's officer and divorced dad, who
realizes that the prison may be a place where he can
get something he can't get anywhere else - a
connection with his offbeat fourteen-year-old son.

Cast: Kevin Chapman, Bruce Altman, David Orshan,
Joe Lo Truglio, Josh Pais, Lenny Venito, Michael
Boatman, Robert Clohessy and Zoe McLellan.

Written by  David Israel and Jim O'Doherty
Directed by Jim O'Doherty
Produced by  Kerry Orent, Tom Sellitti, Jim Serpico  
Denis Leary and Jace Alexander


THE LAST SHOT                                100MIN

The Last Shot follows a family determined to
succeed despite trying circumstances. Set amongst
turbulent city streets, The Last Shot is a glimpse into
the lives of an average American family blessed with
children of extraordinary talent. Although their love for
one another is undeniable, love does not overthrow
mortality and when that reality is made plain the
family must face their fate and fears head on.

Cast: Alenah Garcia, Bob Parrillo, Christopher
Johnson, Dee Crawford, Deidre Taise Kerr, Dylan
Brown Harrell, Erin Cole, George Raynor, James
Schuler, Jason Cross, Kamau Hashim, Kendric
Price, Kimberly Jacobs, Matt Surette, Michael Reed,
Mugisha Feruzi, Ryan Bonnick, Scott Neufville, and
Tahtyana Earnest.

Written by Bill Willis, Darrus Sands and Miranda
Directed by Noah Christofer
Produced by    Bill Willis, Darrus Sands, Jean
Transtamar, Marquis Thomas and Miles Craigwell