Session 39
Saturday April 23, 10:20pm – 11:55pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston


The Provincetown Police Departments No Place
for Hate Committee held a public hearing on the
hate crime that occurred in Provincetown in May
2009. This hearing included their newest student
representative, Luke Hadley. His statement is the
inspiration for the film. He really didn't know what
a hate crime was but he wanted to know and be
involved in projects that could stop hate crimes.
This is that project. The team is a diverse group
from race and age to sexual orientation and
gender.  We follow the local hate crime thru the
state and local systems and track the national
hate crimes legislation thru congress in 2009.
This film is intended to inspire youth to stand up to
hate incidents in order to prevent them from
escalating into hate crimes.

The Mission

What is a hate crime and why do people
perpetrate them?  What can anyone one of us do
about them?  These are some of the questions
the investigative team try to answer in this
motivational training film aimed at high schoolers.
We follow a hate crime thru the judicial system as
the national hate crimes legislation goes thru

The Team

Luke Hadley - a 16 year old straight man adopted
from Ecuador at age one by Americans.
Pru Hinxman - a 21 year old transwoman
Tyler Periera - a 19 Gay man, survivor of
attempted suicide
Jeff Lods - a 19 year old gay man with Juvenile
Tim McCarthy - a 53 year old gay video historian
who has cohabited with HIV for over 23 years.