Session 38
Saturday April 23, 8:15pm – 10:00pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

TOUCH                                                109MIN

An unexpected friendship between a
Vietnamese manicurist and an American car
mechanic deepens in modern Los Angeles. This
sensual film explores the sense of touch and its
emotional impact - how with just a simple touch,
we can reveal our deepest longings, give the
utmost pleasure to others, and even heal a
wounded soul.

Cast: Porter Lynn, John Ruby, Melinda Bennett,
Long Nguyen, Hiep Thi Le and Tony La Thanh.

Written and Directed by Minh Duc Nguyen
Produced by Mellissa Tong.



Recollecting your childhood is like watching a
VHS tape you found buried in the corner of your
basement. You may have almost forgotten it, but
the important thing is that you still have it.

Cast: Alison Walter, Jackson Quinn Gray, Parker
and Tyler Gardella.

Written and Directed by Nicholas Santos
Produced by Alison Walter