Session 37
Saturday April 23, 6:00pm – 7:45pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

WEBDULTERY                                        96MIN

Fred and Deb's marriage isn't what it used to be;
they love their son, they love each other, but their
lives don't feel fulfilled. They look around at the lives
of their friends, both single and married, and feel
they are missing out. Deb has an anonymous online
friend that she chats with that is in a similar situation
to her and after a while, they begin to urge each
other to cheat. Deb goes online to try and find the
passion she misses and falls into a journey of
adultery. The whole time she shares her
experiences with her online 'friend', the one
anonymous person she can talk too, and he shares
his adultery with her...the only thing is, Deb's online
friend, is Fred.

Cast: Anthony Cortese, April Morgan, Cat
McCormick, Catherine McNally, Christine Tizzard
Damon Runyan, Edward Jaunz, Evan Gilchrist
Glen Michael Grant, Janet Green, Jonathan
Whittaker, Kevin Kincaid, Konstantine Kurelias
Rebecca Nicholson and Stefen Hayes
Written by Charles Wahl
Directed and Produced by Charles Wahl


LOVE IS BLIND                                6MIN

Love transcends the differences, which often divide
people. It is an emotion without boundaries. On a
lazy summer day visitors to a seaside park admire
and share moments of true love between two
people oblivious to the world around them.

Cast:Jerilyn Sawyer, Kassandre Casame, Calvin
Campany, Caroline Flynn, Jae/Owen/Teagan
Wyllie-Willard, Lexi Tabora, Rebecca Laine, Jarred

Director/Writer/Editor - Patricia Federico
Producer - Tabatha Glavin
Director of Photography - Jim Karpeichik
Original Score - Mauro Colangelo
Vocals - Jose Docen
Best Grip - Lauren Barry


LEMON PIE AND A BLACK PIE                10MIN

When life gives you lemons, you gotta order up a
lemon meringue pie.

Cast: Cynthia Wegel, Daniel Ball, David Weindel,
Don Eames, Jennifer Emmaline, Josue Saldana
Liza Burns, Michael Barra and Thomas Benton

Written by Jonathan Knight and Atanas Bakalov
Directed by Atanas Bakalov

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