Session 34
Saturday April 23, 11:00am – 12:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

NOT YOUR TIME                                25MIN

An autobiographical musical, NOT YOUR TIME
follows the life and career disappointments of Sid
Rosenthal (Jason Alexander), an ex-Hollywood
screenwriter, now a studio censor film editor.
When his latest screenwriting disappointment
proves to be too much, he decides to take a new
approach. He'll shoot himself unless someone he
knows tries to talks him out of it. Calling everyone
he's ever known or worked for, Sid is surprised by
their responses. (All the execs, directors and
producers portrayed in this story are played by
themselves -- Amy Pascal, Sid Ganis, Joe Roth,
Stuart Cornfeld, Lawrence Mark, Amy Heckerling,
Neal Israel, and Chris Buck.)

Cast: Amy Pascal, Amy Heckerling, Jack Rapke
James Avery, Jameson Moss, Jason Alexander
Jesse Burch, Jillian Armenante, Joe Roth, Kathy
Najimy, Sally Kirkland, Sean Patrick Flaherty
Sid Ganis, Stuart Cornfeld and Valarie Pettiford

Written and Directed by Jay Kamen
Produced by Marjorie Mann, Reggie Joseph,
Dawn Bridgewater and James L. Honore


DANSE MACABRE                        7MIN

For a period of time, while we believe it to be
perfectly still.  Lifeless flesh responds, stirs and
conforts in a final macabre ballet. Are these
spasms merely erratic motions.
or do they echo the chaotic twits and turns of a
past life?

Witten and Directed by Pedro Peres



A documentary team has been sent to the wild
terrain of Borneo, to catch up with Dr. Marvin
Gasburger, an anthropologist who has been
tracking an elusive tribe of mimes for more than
three decades. After years of frustration,
Gasburger has finally made contact, and hopes to
convince the mimes to turn from their path of
extreme orthodoxy--and extinction.

Cast: Chris Hoffman, David La Graffe, Harlan
Baker, John Hickson, Michael Trautman.
Written and Directed by Matt Power


VENTO                                        15MIN

A small isolated town in Brazil is becoming
windless. The local population is beginning to act
strange, with no hope and no optimism. And in the
middle of all of this, a boy wants to change his life
and pursue his dreams.

Cast: Vivianne Pasmanter
Written and Directed by Marcio Salem


SAHYEH SORKH                        14MIN

Following the Iranian turmoil and demonstrations
of 2009, a young woman living in San Francisco,
attempts to make sense of the disparity between
the mundane tasks of her daily life and the
turbulence imposed upon those who challenge
socio-political structures. Estranged emotionally
and geographically, she weaves through reality
and the anxieties of her imaginings.

Cast: Rebecca Honett, Roya Fahandej and Vera

Written and Directed by Rashin Fahandej