Session 33
Friday, April 22, 10:00pm - 11:55pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
RESURRECTION MAN                5MIN

Resurrection Man takes us through a night in the
life of Grandison Harris, an ex-slave hired by the
University of Augusta to exhume bodies for
medical research. While at work, he is reminded
of the brutal realities of life in the south and is
forced to come to terms with his own actions.
Based on real events, this film gives an
unsettling portrait of a man caught at the
intersection of life and death, racial oppression
and survival.

Cast: Roger Robinson
Directed and Produced by Jonas Carpignano

BAYOU BLACK                                12MIN

Bayou Black takes us through a day in the life of
Willy Jones, a single father struggling to make a
living. He traps Nutria, local swamp rats, for $5 a
tail to try and make ends meet. Things get worse
when a local land-owner suspects Willy of
poaching on his property, desperation, need and
an unwanted confrontation drive him to take
drastic measures.

Written and Directed by Jonas carpignano
Produced by Willy Friedman

SLEATHER                                        91MIN

Sleather follows the comedic adventures of
Linus, JB, and Charlie, three friends with three
different outlooks toward life. When Linus, a
wisecracking dreamer, is pressured by his
successful older sister, Lucy, into taking a job in
a cubicle, his friend JB rushes to his side to
prevent Linus from being trapped in what he
calls the 'white picket prison.' JB, a larger than
life, lovable schemer, convinces Linus that
becoming famous is an easily attainable option
in life. Charlie, the most practical of the three,
knows that fame is not what JB makes it out to
be, but helps Linus despite his doubts in JB's
latest scheme. Taking JB's advice, Linus quits
his job at a retail electronics store and embarks
on a quest that takes him on many different
adventures, often with absurd results. Linus
eventually latches onto this belief in fame and
puts all of his faith into the one thing that he
believes could make him famous. Sleather is an
upbeat, fast-paced journey about fame, friends,
and family.

Cast: Brad Morrissey, JP McCormick, Jeff
Hodge, Lindsey Cranshaw, Michael A. LoCicero
and Susan T. Travers.

Written by Anthony Ambrosino and Nicholas
Directed by Anthony Ambrosino