Session 32       
Friday April 22, 8:15pm – 9:45pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

REFUGE                                    81MIN

After accidentally killing her abusive husband
JACK (Chris McDonald), fifty year old hospice
nurse AMELIA PHILIPS (Linda Hamilton) heads
on the run in the family RV, with Jack's body in the
back and an unwanted passenger at the wheel:
sardonic high school English teacher and
self-defined failed novelist DARRYL TRIPP
(Chris Payne Gilbert), twenty-seven, who on the
way to dump his novel in a landfill, takes refuge
from the brutal desert sun in what he mistakes for
an empty RV. As Amelia and Darryl cross the
state together, into the evening of Darryl's
engagement party -- which he misses -- romance
blossoms as Jack decomposes. It's a comedy.

Cast: Linda Hamilton, Chris Payne Gilbert,
Christopher McDonald and Lena Georgas
Written by Mark Medoff and Phil Treon
Directed by Mark Medoff
Produced by Ginger Perkins


BAIL OUT                                16MIN

Stuck at a dead-end job, Sam has a plan up his
sleeve: Elaborately tell off his boss, Dick at a
company party and quit, ask Penny, his closet
female friend to take the next step with him, and
go off to Nova Scotia and hopefully live happily
ever after. But plans change once Dick sees
Penny, and bargains an introduction for his
promotion... Will he follow his heart?
Or will he follow the greens?...
Cast: Andrew Sarno, Ben Davies, Caitlin Thayer
Dennis Hurley, Frank Tarara, Jon Stafford, Martin
Lee, Stephanie Silver.
Written by Martin Lee and Hyunsoo Moon
Directed by
Hyunsoo Moon