Session 30
Friday April 22, 4:15pm – 6:00pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

Journey of A Woman                        96MIN

Gautami an Indian Odissi Dancer whose passion in
life is dance Jai Leang an upcoming Chinese
painter who is highly influenced by Chinese culture
which we see in his paintings. Jai is drawn to
Gautami because of her grace and charm. She
doesn't respond. Gautami doesn't believe in
marriage after her father dumps her mother for
another women. Gautami's travel worldwide for her
shows they loose contact a deliberate move on her
part. Gary organises an exhibition of Jai's paintings
in India where his search for Gautami begins. He
locates her in a monastery. He pleads to make a
portrait on her. That night turns out to be fateful.
Nalini a lesbian has a deep crush on Gautami...Its
shows great passion love dance music emotions.

Produced by Sunanda Shetty


SHOWDOWN                                12MIN

It's modern day, but things are heating up like the
Old West. Frank, a juvenile, petty, and extremely
charming thief finds himself running from three
farmers who caught him in the act of robbing their
home...and sleeping with the lady of the
the same time. Luckily, Frank's partner, a gritty,
old-fashioned Cowgirl, steps in and saves the Day,
but she vows to leave the team due to Frank's lack
of diligence when it comes to women; it's cost them
on more than one occasion. The two of them face
off and discover a fine line between partnership,
friendship, and love.

Cast: David Kendall, Marcel Morel, Richard Cheely,
Ron Walton, Stephanie Haas.
Written, Directed and Produced by Patrick M.
Hayes, Jr.