Session 3
Saturday, April 16, 1:00pm – 2:40pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
FIND HEAVEN                                     4MIN

A confused young man seeking answers about life's
important questions and shows how an individual lures
this young man by telling him that he has the answer to
life's ultimate question, how to find heaven. We see the
young mans journey and the events that lead to the
conclusion he comes to.

Written and Directed by Daniyal Noorani


THERE BE MONSTERS!                               9MIN

Leaving the safety and comfort of their village, Tom, Billy,
George and Ron set out to climb a mountain. Along the
way, they meet an Inn-keeper and his daughter, a farmer,
and even a King in a fairytale castle. At every stop, they
are warned about the monsters that lay ahead. But things
do not always work out as planned, and as they proceed
the four friends will each have to decide for themselves
where their real quest lays, monsters notwithstanding.

Written and Directed by Tom Weston


TWICE A WOMAN                                        94MIN

TWICE A WOMAN is the story of Catherine, who, after
her violent husband puts her life in serious danger one
night, decides to run away with her son and start a new
life under a fresh identity. From the strait-laced suburbs,
she travels to backwoods northern Quebec. From fear,
she moves through confidence to hope.

Catherine, now Sophie, untangles the complex web of
identity and desire that make up the life of a single
woman, marginalized and learning to embrace life.
During her painful transition, the mother, hoping to regain
the affection of her damaged son, does everything she
can to avoid a tragic outcome. She will have to dig her
heels in and fight with strength and dignity. It’s a battle,
a war she needs to win.

CAST: Évelyne Rompré, Étienne Laforge, Marc Béland,
David Boutin

DIRECTOR: François Delisle
PRODUCER: François Delisle
SCREENWRITER: François Delisle
ART DIRECTOR: Geneviève Lizotte
EDITOR: Pascale Paroissien
MUSIC: The States Projet
SOUND: François Grenon, Martin Allard, Patrice
Leblanc, Stéphane Bergeron