Session 24
Wednesday April 20, 8:30pm – 10:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

ACTION                                        10MIN

"A student film director casts his reluctant father as
the main star in a gritty mobster movie. His only crew
member is his best-friend who works the camera and
lighting but really his main role is to offer moral
support. Many issues arise over the course of the
shoot that lead to an epic battle between father and
son (actor versus director) which puts the entire
project in jeopardy."

Directed by- Rick Dorrington
Produced by- Brian Dorrington Jr.


SUMMER OF WALTER HACKS                126MIN

Back in 1952, every country boy's summer was
supposed to be idyllic, but eleven-year-old Walter is
forced to grow up fast on his father's farm. Walter and
his older brother Clifford work hard, though Walter
finds unexpected intrigue and adventure with his
bicycle, his cowboy hat and his side-kick Margaret.
The summer days grow shorter and the adult world
closes in on the brothers, leading Walter to his own

Cast:  Francesca Blanchard, Henry Woodard,
Jennifer Blanchard, John Kiedaisch, Laura Raynor
Matthew Woodard and Ramona Godfrey.
Written by George Woodard and Gerianne Smart
Directed by George Woodard