Session 2
Saturday, April 16, 11:00am – 12:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
SURVIVING HUNGER                                2MIN

This is a short film animation produced by Song, Balgum. The
animation is placed on a desert-like landscape where there are just
sands and dry air with no foods. Two Characters, one is a big
frog-looking character who wonders around for food. The other is a
cute little character that comes towards the big character to use
himself as a bait. The story is going to be a conflict between these
two characters.

Animation: Balgum Song


RALPH'S NOT NORMAL                                        3MIN

Ralph's not normal; and so goes a recounting of some bittersweet
childhood memories of Ralph, a man who, in retrospect, was a bit...
odd. What else can be said?

Written and Directed by Marc Leitzel


AMAZONIA                                                              5MIN

In the dangerous world of the Amazon Rainforest, finding a meal
proves to be an impossible task for a little treefrog named Bounce.
His luck changes when he meets Biggy, a blue-bellied treefrog who
takes him under his guidance and shows him the ways of the jungle
in this animated journey set to Beethoven's Symphony No.8.

Animation by Sam Chen


THE NORTH STAR                                                13MIN

In this classic storybook about lifelong learning, The North Star
inspires learners of all ages to navigate their full potential and follow
their dreams.      

Written by Peter H. Reynolds
Directed by Peter H. Reynolds, Gary Goldberger and John Lechner
Produced by Naomi Greenfield

VISIT THE FIFTH DIMENSION                              9MIN

Martha's family has all the outward trappings of suburban bliss. But
in reality, her home life is a dystopia of parental egocentricity and  
neglect. When Martha decides to run away from home, she brings
her invisible friend Dee along for an adventure in the city. The two
girls discover answers to life and the universe, including the nature
of the Fifth Dimension.

Written and Directed by Noelle Foster


STARSUCKER                                                        20 MIN

After unsuccessfully trying to sell a housewife a vacuum, a down on
his luck door to door vacuum salesman, meets her son outside and
convinces him that he doesn't just sell any vacuum's, but magic
vacuums. With the help of an old 50's style electrolux 'magic vacuum'
and a meteor shower, he makes the single greatest sale of his
twenty year career

Cast: Tom Arnold, Carly Craig, Jonathan Morgan Heit and Sam Page.
Written and Directed by Nathan Skulnik.