Session 16
Monday April 18, 6:00pm – 8:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
ALL IN THE GAME                        17MIN

'All in the Game' is a character-driven crime
drama about the complex relationships between a
black homicide detective and two young men--a
suspect in a murder, and his own estranged son,
recently returned from Iraq.

Cast: Dana Harrison, David Joseph, Grant
Haywood, Jerome Spratling, Michael Blair,
Stephen Vause, Tyisha Turner.

Written and Directed by Marc Maurino


ASHES                                                        77MIN

ASHES follows the story of two brothers from the
inner city whose lives are unraveling. As one
plummets deeper into mental illness, the other,
Ashes, copes by throwing himself into the
dangerous New York underworld. Ashes is torn
between the family he is responsible for, and the
community that consumes him.

Cast: Ajay Naidu, Debargo Sanyal, Faran Tahir,
Firdous Bamji, Heather Burns, Maurice Carr,
Peter Macon, Piper Perabo, Reena Shah, Samrat
Chakrabarti and Wayne Kasserman

Written and Directed by Ajay Naidu
Produced by Nina Spensley