Session 14
Monday April 18, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
GERTHY'S ROOTS                                14MIN

Community organizer Gerthy Lahens strives to address her
native Haiti's devastating environmental, social captures the
regenerative effects of powerfully transformative Art if Living
workshop, proactive strategies for combating Haiti's severe
deforestation are also revealed.

After the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January 2010,
Gerthy teams up with Jan Wampler, Professor of Architecture
at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  They develop a
model for the decentralization of the population of Haiti into
self-sustaining villages.

Directed by Michael Collins
Produced by Marty Syjuco



As the recent devastating earthquake has put a stark
spoilight on Haiti. A relatively unknown island nation in
America's shadows. This film chronicles the history and
pre-earthquake strike of haiti's people. The film is
Haitian born filmmaker Jonas Nosile's gripping look into
both Haiti's past and the state of the Haitian soul today.
It also gives its audience a better understanding of the
lack of infrastructure and political instability that has left
Haiti so helpless and annihilated following the quake.

Directed and Produced by Jonas Nosile


BOUND BY HAITI                                46MIN
Bound by Haiti is the story of Aaron Jackson and John
Dieubon - two young international activists forced to
deal with the tragedy of the Haiti earthquake first-hand.
Raised on a wealthy resort, Aaron has dedicated his life
to eradicating intestinal parasites in Haiti. Born and
orphaned in Port-au-Prince, John's mission is to inspire
a new generation of Haitian children. But when the
earthquake of January 12th strikes, Aaron and John
must confront the biggest challenge of their lives. The
filmmakers, staying in Port-au-Prince on the day of the
earthquake, captured the devastation. Featuring rare
footage from immediately following the earthquake,
Bound by Haiti follows these unlikely friends on a
journey for change before and after the most
devastating international event of our time.

Directed and Produced by Roman Safiullin, Jon