Session 13
Sunday April 17, 10:00pm – 11:55pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
OVERBOOKING                                        14MIN

An Airport like many others, check in area. Alex is
waiting for his turn but at the moment he is showing his
documents, the airplane seems to be full. Overbooking
is the correct name in this case where the number of
persons are more than the actual seats at disposal. Not
even the arrival of the director of the airport will change
the situation, no solution of help for Alex. He has to stay
on earth. Overbooking is a story about a very particular
journey, a distant and ironic observing point of view of
one of the most discussed and animated questions of
our contemporary lifetime. A balance between comedy
and drama, between reality and imagination.

Cast: Alessandro Demcenko, Alessia Melfi, Alessia
Olivetti, Gabriele Dovadoli, Giancarlo Longo, Ivano
Marescotti, Laura Sottili, Maria Frnacesca Giordano,
Romano Treré
Written by Cristian Poli, Eugenio Galli, Michele Mortara
Directed by Michele Mortara
Produced by Miguel Gatti and Paula Blbao Aragon.


LIFE OF LEMON                                        74MIN

A blue collar man, inspired by his homeless friend, sets
out to better his life by pursuing a more meaningful job
going against his father's wishes. On his journey he
discovers how important it is to believe in himself and
with having hope and ambition magical things happen.

Cast: Barry Kneller, Brian Ohara, Adam harrington,
Albert Chan, Barry Kneller, Beth Grant, Brian ohara,
Carmen Mormino, John farley farley, Juli Young,
Leonora Gershman, Magan Rutledge, Mimi Kennedy,
Molly Bearor,  Rachel Miner, Raliegh Jackson, Steve
Tom, Terryn Westbrook, Todd Sherry, Vernee watson,
Cira bolla, jonas garvin

Written by Barry Kneller
Directed by Michael Colton