Session 12
Sunday, April 17, 8:00pm – 9:45pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston


Distraught by a recent breakup, Tony moves into a
new house while he finishes his latest book. But what
begins as a peaceful setting for his composition, turnr
deadly as Tony finds himself implicated in a murder,
and locked in a fight for his life against someone or
something in the house.

Cast: David O’Donnell, Angie Simms, Charlene Sher
Danielle Petty, Lia Johnson, Micci Toliver, Ryan
Matthew and Taymour Ghazi
Written by Michael Phillip Edwards and Sacha Parisot
Directed by: Sacha Parisot


UNCHASTENED                                4MIN

At the intersection of healing and henna dances
Catherine. The story of one woman's journey beyond
breast cancer.

Cast: Catherine Musinsky
Directed by Brynmore Williams


THE TIME IS NOW                                13MIN
When her long time boyfriend proposes marriage,
Leanne is not sure if she is ready to accept. Her best
friend cannot understand her hesitance and warns her
that waiting too long will result in lifelong singlehood.
Pressure also comes from her mother, who reminds
Leanne of the limited amount of childbearing years
she has left. But when Leanne gets a Glimpse of what
married life could be like through her sister, she
findsherself swayed towards another direction.

Written, Directred and Produced by Julie DeStefano