Session 11
Sunday April 17, 6:00pm – 7:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
LEMONADE STAND                        6MIN

Chrystal is a 7 year old girl running a lemonade
stand. During her opening day she runs into a
car load of customers she will never forget, a
board of health official, I.R.S. agent, and a military
reject that have a problem with the way she is
running her operation.

Cast: Brian Evans, Candace Loewen, Jeff Kamps
Jessie Nugent, Samantha Loewen and Bill
Doherty Jr.

Written and Directed by Bill Doherty Jr.


CONCEPTION                                86MIN

'Conception' is a sexy romantic comedy that
follows nine couples on the night they conceive.
Debunking the myth that most of us were told
about the way we got here-- 'mommy and daddy
gave each other a special hug'--
'Conception' shows that in spite of the reality of
most or our origins, there are many ways to make
a loving family.

Cast: Alan Tudyk, America Olivo, Connie Britton,
David Arquette, Gregory Smith, Jonathan
Silverman, Julie Bowen, Leila Charles Leigh,
Moon Bloodgood, Pamela Adlon, Sarah Hyland
and Steve Howey.

Written and Directed by Josh Stolberg
Produced by Leila Charles Leigh, Stephanie
Sherrin and Josh Stolberg.