Session 10
Sunday April 17, 3:30pm – 5:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

A BEAUTIFUL DAY                                12 MIN

An old woman living in the Romanian countryside is
feverishly awaiting for her son's visit, in order to help
her sort out some of her life important affairs.
The encounter is however all too familiar, leading to an
unexpected decision.

Cast:    Alice Ruse, Eugenia Bosinceanu, Marius Chivu

Written and Directed by Alexandra Gliga


THE STORY OF A MOTHER                        17MIN

In the coldest night, in a land far, far away, a mother sat
by her little  child. She was so sad, so afraid he would
die.There came a knocking at the door, and a poor old
man hobbled into the house. The old man was Death
himself and he takes the life of the child. The mother
will do everything to recover him, she will face many
obstacles during her journey, the enchanted forest and
the guardian, the Great River, the Greenhouse keeper,
but she will never lose her hope.

Cast: Angela De Matteo, Nino Colella, Nunzia Schiano
Renato De Rienzo and Valeria Frallicciardi
Written and Directed by Alessandro De Vivo, Ivano Di


HENRY'S FUTURE                                        107MIN

Henry is a single guy on a mission to find his true love,
armed with the advice and criteria of a renowned
psychic, and a willingness to do almost anything to be in
love.  But love is never predictable!  ... or is it?

Starring:  Jason Gelsomino, Robin Ritter, Amelie
McKendry, Brendan Orrange and Suzanne Zorich.