Session 6
Saturday, April 14, 8:00pm – 10:00pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
CHICAGO MIRAGE         Running time: 35 min

Chicago Mirage tells the story of a successful
doctor struggling to adapt to life after serving ten
years in prison for a crime he did not commit.
The once upstanding Dr. Moustafa Mussa is
released from prison with a notorious reputation
and haunting memories that have forever
changed him. As he struggles to connect with his
wife and the ten-year old son he never met, he is
torn between two paths. Does he continue the
legacy he earned in prison or will he fight to
regain the life he lost?

Director: Sayed Badreya
Writers: Angi Ali and Janice Kaushal
Producers: JoAnn Fakhouri, Alex Kitner, and
Sayed Badreya
Cast: Sayed Badreya, Charles Zayed, Holanda
DeMeloitz, Merik Tadros, Nemer Ziyad, and Wasfi
Country: United States


GOLCHEHREH            Running time: 98 min

Ashraf Khan is the owner of a defunct movie
house in Kabul. Determined to restore it and
reopen it after the fall of the communist Najibullah
government and the victory of the Mujahidin in
Afghanistan, he must first face a civil war which
threatens the new Mujahidin government. The
war is spreading from Kabul to the rest of the
country, and neither Ashraf’s theater nor the
National Film House of Afghanistan, is immune to
the its devastation.

Director and Producer: Vahid Mousaian
Writer: Vahid Mousaian
Cast: Ladan Mostoufi, Masoud Rayegan, Afshin
Hashemi, Hedayat Hashemi, and Hossein Moheb
Country: Iran
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