Session 5
Saturday, April 14, 5:30pm – 7:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
TURNAROUND   Running time 30 min

After a pleading phone call from his dad, an
estranged son returns home where he meets with
his childhood friend and a former "employee."
Meanwhile, Fred's father awaits him with a family
secret that will soon show him how sometimes

choices in life can turnaround our destiny.

Writer, Director: Patrick Jerome
Cast:  Clairemise Montero,  Reza Breakstone,  
Scott Neufville,  Shor'ty Billups,  Kathryn Woods
and Eilenne Kenner


Running time: 93 min

Academy award actor and movie star Tom
Kingsford hires a group of sexy strippers from a
bizarre strip club owned by a sadistic voyeur,
William O'Toole. Later on, Tom pays the girls to
leave the club and accompany him to a party. A
psychotic club patron, Dave, follows Tom's limo
through a haunted cemetery, placing the group
in the middle of a crime scene. Panic and fear
escalates and tragedy befalls when Tom is
accidentally murdered and buried in a haunted
grave. The girls make a pact of silence and begin
their new lives. One year later, the girls reunite at
a slumber party. While being secretly observed
by William, Death commences a slaughter as
vengeance screams for justice.

Director and Writer: Rebekah Chaney
Producer: Rebekah Chaney
Cast: Robert Carradine, Ryan O'Neal, and Tom
Country: United States
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