Session 41
Sunday, April 22, 3:00pm – 5:00pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Running time: 18 min

Little Emmy Adams kisses a girl on the playground
and is left feeling isolated and alone. The Grand
High Council of Fairy Tale Rules and Standards led
by Bernard (Julian Sands) sends her a
hetero-normative fairytale to set her down the 'right'
path in life. With the help of fairy godmother and
rogue fairytale narrator, Hammond (David Anders),
Emmy searches for herself amidst this musical

Director: Ali Scher
Writers: Ali Scher and Joe Swanson
Producers: Becca Louisell and Ian Ward
Cast: David Anders, Julian Sands, Tallulah
Wayman-Harris, Elizabeth Southard, Lindsay N. W.
LaVanchy, Lora Plattner, Lyle McConaughy, Megan
Hilty, and Peter O'Meara
Country: United States


DAMBIS                   Running time: 112 min

Dambis is a film that tries to show the other and
harsh side of globalization. In India people  use to
live in a joint family system, but nowadays major
educated youngsters are migrating towards the
metropolis in search of a brighter future. Yet, when
they find themselves in a rat race of becoming
wealthy and progressive, they unknowingly or
knowingly miss living, what we would call life.
Dambis shows that one slice of what they are

Director: Makrand Anaspure and Prajyot Kadu
Writer: Arvind Jagtap
Cast: Lokesh Gupte, Makrand Anaspure, Pradhnya
Shastri, Shubhankar Atre
Country: India
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