Session 4
Saturday, April 14, 3:00pm – 5:00pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 St. Boston
CLEANING HOUSE                        Running time: 14 min

In 'Cleaning House', a death in the family thrusts a mother
and daughter back into the same house after years of
resentful separation, prompting a compelling confrontation.

Director: Catherine Giarrusso
Producers: Catherine Giarrusso and Bryan Margaca
Cast: Amanda Collins and Karin Trachtenberg
Country: United States


SUMMER SONG                        Running time: 79 min

One idyllic summer on Cape Cod, Ellie, a talented young
musician with the opportunity of a lifetime, is torn between
obligation to her family and the chance to realize her
dream. Saddled with the care of her five siblings as a
result of an alcoholic mother, a breathtakingly
irresponsible father and a terrifyingly misguided preacher
of a brother, Ellie falls in love with an aspiring young writer,
Harper, who dares her to take a chance. As the story
propels, the lines between dreams and reality, freedom
and repression, twist and turn into a shocking result.

Director and Writer Aram Rappaport
Producers: Aaron Becker, Alex Becker, Alexa Vega,

Shane Mandes
and Baird Kellogg
Cast: Alexa Vega, Caleb Landry Jones, Patrick Mapel,
Allana Ubach, Amy Jo Johnson, and John Savage
Country: United States
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